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Water Quality Engineering encompasses the scientific, analytic and engineering tasks concerning the protection and improvement of water quality in the various compartments of the water cycle. The focus of the specialty area is on the water quality of standing and flowing surface water bodies. This includes the assessment of anthropogenic influences, their effect on the water quality, and remediation (e.g. wastewater treatment). Problems with physical, chemical and biological water quality are studied using field and laboratory measurements experiments, as well as mathematical models. Water quality engineering is one of the subjects of the degree program "Environmental Science and Engineering" and teaching therefore focuses on the qualifications required by this program. Part of the study program is covered by other specialty areas.

The Specialty Area of Water Quality Engineering was established within the Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering in 1978 in conjunction with the new degree program "Environmental Science and Engineering" and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axt was appointed for it. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Jekel held the specialty area from 1988 to 2018. Prof. Dr. F. Hellweger has held the specialty area since 2018.

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