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Removal of Residual Dissolved Ozone with Manganese Dioxide for Process Control with UV254

Frederic Schneider, Aki Sebastian Ruhl, Uwe Hübner, Martin Jekel

Ozone: Science & Engineering: The Journal of the International Ozone Association, 7. 2015

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Search for over 2000 current and legacy micropollutants on a wastewater infiltration site with a UPLC-high resolution MS target screening method

Florian Wode, Patricia van Baar, Uwe Dünnbier, Fabian Hecht, Thomas Taute, Martin Jekel, Thorsten Reemtsma

Water Research, 274-283. 2015

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Extraction and analysis of various benzothiazoles from industrial wastewater

Fiehn, O. and Reemtsma, T. and Jekel, M.

Anal. Chim. Acta, 297-305. 1994

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Toxicity-directed Fractionation of Tannery Wastewater Using Solid-phase Extraction and Luminescence Inhibition in Microtiter Plates.

Fiehn, O. and Vigelahn, L. and Kalnowski, G. and Reemtsma, T. and Jekel, M.

Acta hydrochim. hydrobiol., 11-16. 1997

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Combining Molecular Observations and Microbial Ecosystem Modeling: A Practical Guide

Hellweger Ferdinand

Annual review of marine science. Annual Reviews, 267-289. 2019

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Pilot-scale investigation of drinking water ultrafiltration membrane fouling rates using advanced data analysis techniques.

Fei, C. and Peldszus, S. and Peiris, R.H. and Ruhl, A.S. and Mehrez, R. and Jekel, M. and Legge, R.L. and Huck, P.M.

Water Research, 508-518. 2014

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Barrieren für anthropogene Spurenstoffe im urbanen Wasserkreislauf: Identifizierung in Grund- und Oberflächenwasser

F. Wode, P. von Baar, U. Dünnbier, R. Gnirss, A. Sperlich, M. Jekel

KW Korrespondenz Wasserwirtschaf. GFA, 569-574. 2014

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Pilot-Scale Investigation of Micropollutant Removal with Granular and Powdered Activated Carbon

F. Meinel, A. S. Ruhl, A. Sperlich, F. Zietzschmann, M. Jekel

Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 2015

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The benefits of powdered activated carbon recirculation for micropollutant removal in advanced wastewater treatment

F. Meinel, F. Zietzschmann, A.S. Ruhl, A. Sperlich, M. Jekel

Water Research, 97-103. 2016

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Water quality analysis: Detection, fate, and behaviour, of selected trace organic pollutants at managed aquifer recharge sites, Chapter 12.

Ernst, M. and Hein, A. and Asmin, J. and Krauss, M. and Fink, G. and Hollender, J. and Ternes, T. and Jorgensen, C. and Jekel, M. and McArdell C.S.

Water Reclamation Technologies for Safe Managed Aquifer Recharge, 197-224. 2012

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Zeta-potential and rejection rates of a polyethersulfone nanofiltration membrane in single salt solutions

Ernst, M. and Bismarck, A. and Springer, J. and Jekel, M.

Journal of Membrane Science, 251-259. 2000

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Continuous measurement and control of fouling active compounds in membrne bioreactor systems

Ernst, M. and Mehrez, R. and Drews, A. and Iversen, V. and Kraume, M. and Jekel, M.

Water Science & Technology, 11-19. 2007

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Characterization of the DOC in nanofiltration permeates of a tertiary effluent

Ernst, M. and Sachse, A. and Steinberg, C. and Jekel, M.

Water Research., 2879-2886. 2000

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An integrated wastewater treatment and reuse concept for the Olympic Park 2008, Beijing

Ernst, M. and Sperlich, A. and Zheng, X. and Gan, Y. and Hu, J. and Zhao, X. and Wang, J. and Jekel, M

Desalination, 293-301. 2007

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Analysis of polyethylene microplastics in environmental samples, using a thermal decomposition method

Erik Dümichen, Anne-Kathrin Barthel, Ulrike Braun, Claus G. Bannick, Kathrin Brand, Martin Jekel, Rainer Senz

Water Research, 451-457. 2015

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Wege zu einer zukunftsfähigen Wasserver- und Abwasserentsorgung. Wasser Berlin

Enders, R. and Grangler, A. and Jekel, M.

Wasserwirtschaft - Wassertechnik/Abwassertechnik (wwt/awt) 2000

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Indikatoren für eine nachhaltige Wassernutzung.

Enders, R. and Grangler, A. and Jekel, M.

Beitragsband zur Tagung Nachhaltige Wasserwirtschaft, TU Hamburg-Harburg 1999

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Antimon im Abwasser von Abfallverbrennungsanlagen

Enders, R. and Vater, C. and Jekel, M.

Müll und Abfall, 784-787. 1990

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Reaction kinetics of corrinoid-mediated deiodination of iodinated X-ray contrast media and other iodinated organic compounds

El-Athman F., Jekel M., Putschew A.

Chemosphere, 971–977doi: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2019.06.135. 2019

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Is the hyporheic zone relevant beyond the scientific community?

Putschew A.; Lewandowski J.;Arnon S.;Banks E.;u.v.a.

Water. MDPI AG, 2-32. 2019

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Eisenoxide zur Arsenentfernung

Driehaus, W. and Jekel, M.

DVGW-Schriftenreihe Wasser, 139-146. 1994

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Oxidationsverfahren für dreiwertiges Arsen

Driehaus, W. and Jekel, M.

DVGW-Schriftenreihe Wasser, 55-70. 1993

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Granular ferric hydroxide - a new adsorbent for the removal of arsenic from natural water.

Driehaus, W. and Jekel, M. and Hildebrandt, U.

J. Water SRT - Aqua, 30-35. 1998

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Oxidation of Arsenate III with manganese oxides in water treatment

Driehaus, W. and Seith, R. and Jekel, M.

Wat. Res., 297-305. 1995

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Impact of drinking water sources on refractory DOC in water reuse systems

Drewes, J.E. and Fox, P. and Ziegler, D.

Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Artificial Recharge of Groundwater-TISAR 98, Balkema, Rotterdam, Peters et al. 1998

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Simulation of Groundwater Recharge with Advanced Treated Wastewater.

Drewes, J.E. and Jekel, M.

Water Science and Technology, 409-418. 1996

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Reuse of Advanced Treated Sewage Effluent for Groundwater Recharge.

Drewes, J.E. and Jekel, M.

||The Nordic Coordinating Committee for Hydrology. 1996

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