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Industrial wastewater analysis: a toxicity-directed approach.

Reemtsma, T. and Putschew, A. and Jekel, M.

Waste Management, 181-188. 1999

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Indikatoren für eine nachhaltige Wassernutzung.

Enders, R. and Grangler, A. and Jekel, M.

Beitragsband zur Tagung Nachhaltige Wasserwirtschaft, TU Hamburg-Harburg 1999

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Aufbereitung arsenhaltiger Rohwässer zu Trinkwasser.

Seith, R. and Jekel, M.

Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Geologischen Gesellschaft, 55-66. 1999

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Ultrasonically Enhaced Sedimentation - Results of a Semi-Empirical Scale-Up Approach.

Spengler, J. and Jekel, M.

Proceedings of the Joint meeting 137th ASA meeting, 2nd convention of the EAA: Forum Acusticum, integrating the 25th DAGA Conference, 14.-19. März Berlin, Germany 1999

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Determination of aromatic sulfonamides in municipal effluents by LC-MS/MS

Hartig, C. and Jekel, M.

Schriftenreihe Biologische Abwasserreinigung, 93-106. 1999

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Adsorption of Humic Substances onto ß-FeOOH and its Chemical Regeneration

Teermann, I. and Jekel, M.

Water Science and Technology, 199-206. 1999

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Stand der Abwasserwiederverwendung in den U.S.A.

Ziegler, D. H. and Jekel, M.

58. Darmstädter Seminar, Schriftenreihe WAR, 193-209. 1999

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Behavior of Organic Substances During Bank Filtration with Wastewater Influences in Berlin

Ziegler, D., Hornemann, C., Wappler, I., Jekel, M.

Biennial Symposium on the Artificial Recharge of Groundwater, Tempe, AZ, 147-154. 1999

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Impact of drinking water sources on refractory DOC in water reuse systems

Drewes, J.E. and Fox, P. and Ziegler, D.

Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Artificial Recharge of Groundwater-TISAR 98, Balkema, Rotterdam, Peters et al. 1998

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Granular ferric hydroxide - a new adsorbent for the removal of arsenic from natural water.

Driehaus, W. and Jekel, M. and Hildebrandt, U.

J. Water SRT - Aqua, 30-35. 1998

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Ultrasound assisted solid-liquid separation - scale up of a continuous process

Spengler, J. and Jekel, M

Proceedings of the 6th meeting of the European Society of Sonochemistry, 10.-14. Mai Rostock-Warnemünde 1998

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Fest-Flüssig Trennung durch Ultraschall - Leistungssteigerung eines kontinuierlichen Verfahrens.

Spengler, J. and Jekel, M.

Fortschritte der Akustik-DAGA, Zürich, Switzerland, 528-529. 1998

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Combined Oxidative and Biological Treatment for Separated Streams of Tannery Wastewater.

Jochimsen, J. C. and Schenk, H. and Jekel, M. and Hegemann, W.

Water Science and Technology, 209-216. 1997

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Caracterización de AOX en aguas servidas urbanas.

Bornhardt, C. and Oleksy-Frenzel, J. and Drewes, J.E. and Jekel, M.

|| 1997

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Molecular Markers in Environmental Geochemistry

Reemtsma, T. and Savric, I. and Hartig, C. and Jekel, M.

||American Chemical Society. 1997

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Toxicity-directed Fractionation of Tannery Wastewater Using Solid-phase Extraction and Luminescence Inhibition in Microtiter Plates.

Fiehn, O. and Vigelahn, L. and Kalnowski, G. and Reemtsma, T. and Jekel, M.

Acta hydrochim. hydrobiol., 11-16. 1997

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The Effect of Oxidants (Ozone Hydrogen Peroxide) on the Reaction Rate and Transfer Limitation.

Gottschalk, C. and Jekel, M.

International Conference on Ozonation and Related Oxidation Processes in Water and Liquid Waste Treatment; Wasser Berlin 1997

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Improvement of Biodegradation by Application of Ozone and Ozone/Hydrogen Peroxide on Biologically Pretreated Substreams of Tannery Wastewater.

Jochimsen, J.C. and Jekel, M.

Proceedings of the Reg. Conference on Int. Ozone Association, European/NorthAfrican Group, 1-11. 1996

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