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Impact of ozonation on river bank filtration performance.

Remy, C. and Schumacher, J. and Grünheid, S. and Amy, G. and Jekel, M

IWA World Water Congress Beijing, Conference proceedings 2006

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Rejection of wastewater effluent organic matter by microfiltration and ultrafiltration membranes for potable reuse

Reichenbach, C. and Jekel, M., Amy, G.

Proc. AWWA-Water Quality Technology Conference 2001

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Prospects of toxicity-directed wastewater analysis

Reemtsma, Th.

Analytica Chimica Acta, 279-287. 2001

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The nature and kinetics of organic matter release from soil by salt solutions.

Reemtsma, T. and Bredow, A. and Gehring, M.

European Journal of Soil Science, 53-64. 1999

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Microbial transformations and biological effects of fungicide-derived Benzothiazoles determined in industrial wastewater.

Reemtsma, T. and Fiehn, O. and Kalnowski, G. and Jekel, M.

Env. Sci. Technol., 478-485. 1995

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Untersuchungen zum Inventar und zur Mobilität organischer Schadstoffe in Rieselfeldböden.

Reemtsma, T. and Jekel, M.

Landschaftsentwickl. Umweltforschung, 101-108. 1996

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A strategy for the assessment of hazardous substances in industrial effluents (IDA)

Reemtsma, T. and Klinkow, N.

Water Science and Technology, 59-66. 2004

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Industrial wastewater analysis: a toxicity-directed approach.

Reemtsma, T. and Putschew, A. and Jekel, M.

Waste Management, 181-188. 1999

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Molecular Markers in Environmental Geochemistry

Reemtsma, T. and Savric, I. and Hartig, C. and Jekel, M.

||American Chemical Society. 1997

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A potential link between the turnover of soil organic matter and the release of aged organic contaminants

Reemtsma, T. and Savric, I. and Jekel, M.

Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 760-766. 2003

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Fulvic Acids as Transition State of Organic Matter: Indications from High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

Reemtsma, T. and These, A. and Springer, A. and Linscheid, M.

Environ. Science & Technology 2006

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Removal of Sulfur - Organic Polar Micropollutants in a Membrane Bioreactor Treating Industrial Wastewater

Reemtsma, Th. and Zywicki, B. and Stüber, M. and Klöpfer, A. and Jekel, M.

Environ. Sci. Technol., 1102-1106. 2002

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Determination of 14 monoalkyl phosphates, dialkyl phosphates and dialkyl thiophosphates by LC-MS/MS in human urinary samples

Reemstma, T. and Lingott, J. and Roegler, S.

Science of the Total Environment, 1990-1993. 2011

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Polar pollutants in municipal wastewater and the water cycle: Occurrence and removal of benzotriazoles

Reemstma, T. and Miehe, U. and Dünnbier, U. and Jekel, M

Water Research, 596-604. 2010

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Organophosphorus flame retardants and plasticizers in water and air I. Occurrence and fate

Reemstma, T. and Quintana, J. B. and Rodil, R. and García-López, M. and Rodríguez, I.

Trends an Analytical Chemistry, 727-737. 2008

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Removal of dissolved metals by zero-valent iron (ZVI) under storm water conditions

Rangsivek, R. and Amy, G.L. and Jekel, M.R.

1st International conference on environmental science and technology (EST), 23-26 January 2005

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A column investigation of Feo for treatment of copper and zinc under varying quality of runoff

Rangsivek, R. and Jekel, M.R.

6th International conference on sustainable techniques and strategies in urban water management (NOVATECH), 25-28 June 2007

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Modeling the impacts of climate extremes and multiple water uses to support water management in the Icó-Mandantes Bay, Northeast Brazil

Gunkel Günter; Matta E.;Koch H.;Selge F.;Simshäuser M. N.;Rossiter K.;Nogueira da Silva G. M.;Hinkelmann R.

Journal of Water and Climate Change. IWA Publishing, 254-254 . 2018

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Organophosphorus flame retardants and plasticizers in water and aif II. Analytical methodology

Quintana, J. B. and Rodil, R. and Reemstma, T. and García-López, M. and Rodríguez, I.

Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 904-915. 2008

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