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Combining Molecular Observations and Microbial Ecosystem Modeling: A Practical Guide

Hellweger Ferdinand

Annual review of marine science. Annual Reviews, 267-289. 2019

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Extraction and analysis of various benzothiazoles from industrial wastewater

Fiehn, O. and Reemtsma, T. and Jekel, M.

Anal. Chim. Acta, 297-305. 1994

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Toxicity-directed Fractionation of Tannery Wastewater Using Solid-phase Extraction and Luminescence Inhibition in Microtiter Plates.

Fiehn, O. and Vigelahn, L. and Kalnowski, G. and Reemtsma, T. and Jekel, M.

Acta hydrochim. hydrobiol., 11-16. 1997

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Search for over 2000 current and legacy micropollutants on a wastewater infiltration site with a UPLC-high resolution MS target screening method

Florian Wode, Patricia van Baar, Uwe Dünnbier, Fabian Hecht, Thomas Taute, Martin Jekel, Thorsten Reemtsma

Water Research, 274-283. 2015

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Removal of Residual Dissolved Ozone with Manganese Dioxide for Process Control with UV254

Frederic Schneider, Aki Sebastian Ruhl, Uwe Hübner, Martin Jekel

Ozone: Science & Engineering: The Journal of the International Ozone Association, 7. 2015

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Influence of dissolved organic matter and activated carbon pore characteristics on organic micropollutant desorption

Geert Aschermann, Frederik Zietzschmann, Martin Jekel

Water Research. Elsevier, 123-131. 2018

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Entwicklung und Erprobung eines variablen mehrstufigen Aufbereitungsverfahrens für organisch kontaminierte Grundwässer.

Genz, A. and Bahr, C. and Reichwald, F. and Jekel, M. and Braun, L. and Sommer, K. and Seeliger, D.

GWF Wasser Abwasser, 654-659. 2005

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NOM removal by adsorption onto granular ferric hydroxide: Equilibrium, kinetics, filter and regeneration studies.

Genz, A. and Baumgarten, B. and Goernitz, M. and Jekel, M

Water Research, 238-248. 2008

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Removal of Natural Organic Matter by Adsorption onto Granular Ferric Hydroxide: Equilibrium, Filter and Regeneration Studies.

Genz, A. and Baumgarten, B. and Görnitz, M.

Schriftenreihe des Lehrstuhls für Wasserchemie und der DVGW-Forschungsstelle, Engler-Bunte-Institut der Universität Karlsruhe, 93-96. 2006

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The effect of pre-ozonation and subsequent coagulation on the filtration of WWTP effluent with low-pressure membranes

Genz, C. and Miehe, U. and Gnirß, R. and Jekel, M.

Water Science & Technology, 1270-1276. 2011

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Einfluss von Calcium auf die Arsenatdesorption von granuliertem Eisenhydroxid (GEH)

Genz, Cornelia, Seela, Oskar; Jekel, Martin

Vom Wasser. Wiley-VCH Verlag, 99-102. 2016

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Urban Water Interfaces

Gessner, M. and Hinkelmann, R. and Nützmann, G. and Jekel, M. and Singer, G. and Lewandowski, J. and Nehls, T. and Marjenbruch, M.

Journal of Hydrology, 226-232. 2014

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Entfernung von Arzneistoffen bei der Trinkwasseraufbereitung

Gimbel, R. and Jekel, M.

Arzneistoffe und Trinkwasser, Kenntnisstand - Bewertung -Handlungsfelder, Gemeinsame Fachtagung von IWW, IfW und MUNLV, 85-101. 2006

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The Effect of Oxidants (Ozone Hydrogen Peroxide) on the Reaction Rate and Transfer Limitation.

Gottschalk, C. and Jekel, M.

International Conference on Ozonation and Related Oxidation Processes in Water and Liquid Waste Treatment; Wasser Berlin 1997

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Atrazine oxidation in drinking water by ozone and hydrogen peroxide

Gottschalk, C. and Jekel, M.

Proc. 11. Intern. Ozone Congress, San Francisco, 3-84-3-98. 1993

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Verfahren zur Oxidation von Arsenat(III) in der Trinkwasseraufbereitung

Gottschalk, C. and Schmitz, S. and Driehaus, W. and Jekel, M.

Vom Wasser, 225-235. 1992

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Sugar Cane Industry as a Source of Water Pollution - Case Study on the Situation in Ipojuca River, Pernambuco, Brazil.

Gunkel, G. and Kosmol, J. and Sobral, M. and Rohn, H. and Montenegro, S. and Aureliano, J.

Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 2006

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Pollution of Aquatic Ecosystems by Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB)

Gunkel, G. and Mast, P.-G. and Nolte, C.

Limnologica, 321-331. 1995

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Carrying capacity limits of net cage aquaculture for Brazilian reservoirs

Gunkel, G.; Matta, E.; Selge, F.; Nogueira da Silva, G. M.; Sobral, M.

Revista Brasileira Ciencias Ambientais 36, Brazil, 128-144. 2015

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Invertebrates in drinking water distribution systems – Filter system for hydrant sampling and CO2-flushing for elimination.

Günter Gunkel, Michael Scheideler and Ute Michels

gwf (Gas Wasserfach) Wasser Abwasser, 52-55. 2015

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Complexity of ultrafiltration membrane fouling caused by macromolecular dissolved organic compounds in secondary effluents

Haberkamp, J. and Ernst, M. and Böckelmann, U. and Szewzyk, U. and Jekel, M

Water Research, 3153-3161. 2008

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Protein fouling of ultrafiltration membranes - investigation of several factors relevant for tertiary wastewater treatment

Haberkamp, J. and Ernst, M. and Makdissy, G. and Huck, P. and Jekel, M

Journal of Environmental Engineering and Science, 651-660. 2008

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Impact of organic fractions identified by SEC and Fluorescence EEM on the hydraulic reversibility of ultrafiltration membrane fouling by secondary effluents

Haberkamp, J. and Ernst, M. and Paar, H. and Pallischeck, D. and Amy, G. and Jekel, M.

Desalination and Water Treatment, 73-86. 2011

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Extraction of bacterial extracellular polymeric substances and investigation of their impact on organic fouling of UF membranes

Haberkamp, J. and König, A. and Würtele, A. and Ernst, M. and Jekel, M

IWA 4th International Membranes Conference, Harrogate (UK) 2007

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Carbon limitation drives GC content evolution of a marine bacterium in an individual-based genome-scale model

Hellweger Ferdinand; Huang Yongjie;Luo Haiwei

The ISME Journal. Nature Publishing Group, 1180-1187. 2018

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Assessing the Performance of Biological Filtration as Pretreatment to Low Pressure membranes for Drinking Water

Hallé, C. and Huck, P. and Peldszus, S. and Haberkamp, J. and Jekel, M

Water. Environmental Science and Technology, 3878-3884. 2009

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Fouling Control of Ultrafiltration membrane Processes using biofiltration Pre-treatment

Hallé, C. and Peldszus, S. and Haberkamp, J. and Jekel, M and Huck, P.


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Biological Filtration as Pretreatment for Membrane Filtration and its Potential for the Removal of Trace Contaminants. Proceedings

Hallé, C. and Peldszus, S. and McPhail, B. and Haberkamp, J. and Huck, P.

Joint Annual OWWA/OMWA Conference & Trade Show, London, Ontario 2008

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Metabolism of 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole by Rhodococcus rhodochrous.

Haroune, N. and Combourieu, B. and Besse, P. and Sancelme, M. and Kloepfer, A. and Reemtsma, T. and De Wever, H. and Delort, A.M.

Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 6315-6319. 2004

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Benzothiazole Degradation by Rhodococcus pyridinovorans Strain PA: Evidence of a Catechol, 1,2-Dioxygenase Activity.

Haroune, N. and Combourieu, B. and Besse, P. and Sancelme, M. and Reemtsma, T. and Kloepfer, A. and Diab, A. and Knapp, J.S. and Baumberg, S. and Delort, A.M.

Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 6114-6120. 2002

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Determination of aromatic sulfonamides in municipal effluents by LC-MS/MS

Hartig, C. and Jekel, M.

Schriftenreihe Biologische Abwasserreinigung, 93-106. 1999

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