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Kinetic study of reactions between ozone and benzothiazole in water

Valdés, H. and Zaror, C. A. and Jekel, M

Water Science and Technology, 505-510. 2003

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NASRI - Removal of Organic Substances

Jekel, M. and Grünheid, S.

Proceedings Conference Wasser Berlin 2003

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Kinetics of Bacterial As(III) Oxidation and Subsequent (As(V) Removal by Sorption onto Biogenic Manganese Oxides During Groundwater Treatment.

Katsoyiannis, I. A. and Zouboulis, A.I. and Jekel, M.

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Journal (ACS) (ACS), 486-493. 2004

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Occurrence of benzothiazoles in municipal wastewater and their fate in biological treatment.

Kloepfer, A. and Gnirss, R. and Jekel, M. and Reemtsma, T.

Water Science and Technology, 203-208. 2004

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Organic colloids and their influence on low-pressure membrane filtration

Laabs, C. and Amy, G. and Jekel, M.

Water Science and Technology, 311-316. 2004

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Environmental Impacts of Source Separating Systems - Static And Dynamic Modelling Approaches For Wastewater Systems

Mühleck, R. and Peters, C. and Ruhland, A. and Grangler, A. and Jekel, M.

IWA-World Water Congress, Marrakech 2004

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Planning, Modelling and Assessing Source Control Concepts on Catchment Scale

Peters, C. and Mühleck, R., Sieker, H. and Jekel, M.

Water Science and Technology, 63-71. 2004

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A strategy for the assessment of hazardous substances in industrial effluents (IDA)

Reemtsma, T. and Klinkow, N.

Water Science and Technology, 59-66. 2004

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Bank Filtration: A suitable process for the removal of iodinated X-ray contrast media?

Schittko, S. and Putschew, A and Jekel, M

Water Science and Technology, 261-268. 2004

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Metabolism of 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole by Rhodococcus rhodochrous.

Haroune, N. and Combourieu, B. and Besse, P. and Sancelme, M. and Kloepfer, A. and Reemtsma, T. and De Wever, H. and Delort, A.M.

Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 6315-6319. 2004

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Occurrence, Sources, and Fate of Benzothiazoles in Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Kloepfer, A. and Jekel, M. and Reemtsma, T.

Environmental Science & Technology, 3792-3798. 2005

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Decomposition of aqueous ozone in the presence of aromatic organic solutes

Pi, Y. and Schumacher, J. and Jekel, M.

Water Research, 83-88. 2005

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Removal of dissolved metals by zero-valent iron (ZVI) under storm water conditions

Rangsivek, R. and Amy, G.L. and Jekel, M.R.

1st International conference on environmental science and technology (EST), 23-26 January 2005

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Pilot scale ozonation of treated municipal effluent for removal of pharmaceutical compounds and pathogens - The Berlin Study

Bahr, C. and Ernst, M. and Heinzmann, B. and Luck, F. and Jekel, M

Ozone & Related Oxidants. Innovative & Current Technologies 2005

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The importance of liquid phase analyses to understand fouling in membrane assisted activated sludge processes - six case studies of different European research groups.

Rosenberger, S. and Evenblij, H. and te Poele, S. and Wintgens, T. and Laabs, C.

Journal of Membrane Science, 113-126. 2005

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Entwicklung und Erprobung eines variablen mehrstufigen Aufbereitungsverfahrens für organisch kontaminierte Grundwässer.

Genz, A. and Bahr, C. and Reichwald, F. and Jekel, M. and Braun, L. and Sommer, K. and Seeliger, D.

GWF Wasser Abwasser, 654-659. 2005

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Modeling Arsenate Breakthrough of Granular Ferric Hydroxide (GFH) Fixed-Bed Adsorption Filters

Sperlich, A. and Reichwald, F. and Genz, A. and Amy, G. and Worch, E. and Jekel, M.

Conf. Proceeding, LET. 3rd IWA Leading-Edge Conf. on Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies. 2005

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Breakthrough behavior of granular ferric hydroxide (GFH) fixed-bed adsorption filters: modeling and experimental approaches

Sperlich, A. and Werner, A. and Genz, A. and Amy, G. and Worch, E. and Jekel, M.

Water Research, 1190-1198. 2005

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Wasserkonzept und Abwasserwiederverwendung für den Olympiapark Peking 2008

Kaden, S. and Jekel, M and Ernst, M.

Wasser Berlin, Proceedings 2006

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The effect of groundwater composition on uranium(VI) sorption onto bacteriogenic iron oxides.

Katsoyiannis, I.A. and Althoff, H. W. and Bartel, H. and Jekel, M.

Water Research, 3646-3652. 2006

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Integrated Comparison of Biofiltration in Engineered versus Natural Systems

Amy, G.C. and Collins, R.M. and Drewes, J. and Grünheid, S. and Jekel, M.

||IWA Publishing. 2006

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UVA as control parameter for the effective ozonation of organic pollutants in secondary effluent

Bahr, C. and Schumacher, M. and Ernst, M. and Reemstma, T. and Heinzmann, B. and Luck, F. and Jekel, M

Ozone and UV: Sustainable Solutions for Industry and the Environment. IOA Conference, Proceedings. Wasser Berlin, 9-16. 2006

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Ozonation and Advanced Oxidation of Wastewater: Effect of O3 Dose, pH, DOM and HO-Scavengers on Ozone Decomposition and HO Generation

Buffle, M.-O. and Schumacher, J. and Meylan, S. and Jekel, M and Gunten von, Urs

Ozone: Science and Engineering, 247-259. 2006

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Measurement of the initial phase of ozone decomposition in water and wastewater by means of a continuous quench-flow system: Application to disinfection and pharmaceutical oxidation

Buffle, Marc-Olivier and Schumacher, Jochen and Salhi, Elisabeth and Jekel, Martin and von Gunten, Urs

Water Research, 1884-1894. 2006

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Fulvic Acids as Transition State of Organic Matter: Indications from High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

Reemtsma, T. and These, A. and Springer, A. and Linscheid, M.

Environ. Science & Technology 2006

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