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WasserreinhaltungBachelor Thesis: 3D-visualization of micro-scale microbial ecology model

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Bachelor Thesis: 3D-visualization of micro-scale microbial ecology model


In surface waters, phytoplankton and bacteria interact via dissolved organic carbon (DOC). Specifically, phytoplankton perform photosynthesis and fix C. A portion of this C is released to the extracellular environment via exudation and lysis. The resulting substrate concentration exhibits high spatial and temporal gradients and heterogeneity. Bacteria with different lifestyles, including those that perform chemotaxis and those that don’t, compete for this substrate. A new agent-based model (ABM) developed at TU Berlin is simulating these interactions at the microscale. Visualization, including 3D movies, are important for understanding the model and learn about the ecology. This BS thesis project entails exploring different visualization tools, including VAPOR (https://www.vapor.ucar.edu/), to the output of this model.

Contact: Marvin Mayerhofer,



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