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Bachelor Thesis/Master Thesis: Literature study and quantitative analysis on carnivorous and herbivorous zooplankton grazing


Zooplankton play an essential role in the aquatic food web. They mostly graze on phytoplankton but other organisms, including zooplankton, can also be part of their prey. Numerous published studies reveal insights into the grazing behavior of individual zooplankton. How and what zooplankton graze upon depends on the species, available food source, trophic state, and physical environment. Of special interest is the zooplankton-cyanobacteria interaction because some cyanobacteria release toxins or physically block the ingestion, which can greatly inhibit zooplankton grazing.

The aim of this thesis is to summarize published results and create a reference guide for ongoing and future studies. As a master thesis this work can be supported by a quantitative analysis to identify distinct patterns in the phytoplankton-zooplankton and zooplankton-zooplankton interaction.
The Thesis is preferably written in English language.

Contact: m.mayerhofer@tu-berlin.de

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