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Structure – interdisciplinary topic “analytics”


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Structure – interdisciplinary topic “analytics”

In MiWa, different analytical methods will be applied for the characterization of polymer particles in environmental samples. The different techniques will initially be compared by application on the same sample materials and by using doped solid and aqueous samples. Based on the results, the advantages and disadvantages of the different techniques shall be assessed for optimization. The available methods include spectroscopic microscopy (Raman, FTIR) and thermoanalytical methods (TGA-FTIR/MS, TED-GC-MS), as well as trace analytics for inorganic compounds (ICP-MS, among others).

Consequently, the joint project contains manifold complementary methods for the detection and quantification of microplastics, covering a very wide range with respect to polymer types, particle concentrations, particle sizes, and environmental media. The methods will further be evaluated regarding their suitability for routine application by regulatory instances, for example. Finally, the measurement parameters of all methodical approaches will be assessed and harmonized, in order to validate the techniques in a round robin test.

A first methodical assessment of the techniques should be available after half of the project duration, with main contributions from the examination of model microplastic samples. Towards the end of the project, an assessment of the different analytical methods shall be available, based on real samples.


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